Denunciation of violations of the human rights to life and health in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil

The purpose of this Denunciation is to respond to the clamor of millions of Brazilian families whose dignity has been attacked as a result of the acts and omissions of the State, and of the Brazilian Government, in dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, which resulted in a mortality rate four to five times higher than the world average, and submit it to the Regional and Global Human Rights Systems

The responsibility for the various violations, analyzed in light of international and national human rights regulations, is demonstrated in this document. To achieve this, we make direct reference to these regulations, especially those regarding the rights to life and to health, specify the State’s obligations towards these rights, particularly in the context of the pandemic, demonstrate that there has been a violation of these rights by the Brazilian State and the Bolsonaro government, and finally, we present the conclusions, pleas, and recommendations to national public institutions and international bodies in charge of guaranteeing that human rights are realized, and not violated.

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